Saturday, September 30, 2017

Railroads, Trains, Railfanning, and Dogs! US Rail Safety Week, Sept. 24-30

"Intermodal Through Manassas"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
BARK! I love going railfanning with my humans. Sometimes it's just Dad and I, like last week. We hopped in his Subaru Forester and took off to the Manassas area to watch trains.  We were met by some awesome guys one of them creates great railroad videos, Railfan Rowan.

Railroads and Trains are not places to walk your dog or go for a game of fetch. There are way too many dangerous possibilities like the dog getting frightened and running into a train or item thrown in a game of fetch getting stuck on the tracks. All of these would end up with very sad and upsetting results for way too many humans.... not to mention the dog.

When I go railfanning with my humans, I am always on a tight leash, not a Flexi-Leash, and close to my human. In some cases, I will stay in the car with my seat belt on so when a train comes, Dad can go photograph without being concerned about me following him and getting hurt. Sometimes, he will leash me to a sturdy stationary object where I cannot get loose and he is right there with me. Just depends are where we are, what's available and what's the safest method.

Since Dad is a photographer, a reminder- when you photograph, keep off the tracks. Keep your clients off the tracks and remember- other photographers may follow your actions!

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