Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Dog, A Human and the Connecticut Shooting

Paws, prayers, and sadness go out to the families, First Responders, and others who are affected by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I would like to mention a few things to you.  First, humans please remember to pay attention to your dog and cat too while you are going through this grieving.  Sometimes people don't realize that animals grieve too, not all or always, but if your dog or cat starts looking at the door constantly or waits in front of the door for someone to come home, chances are, they are missing someone. Or, if they seem to showing signs of depression. You might try petting them more and calling your veterinarian to learn about something else you can do.

On a happier and exciting note, we all know dogs and cat make a great member of the family.  We do things for humans that other humans can't do- it's one of those unexplainable blessings God gave us!

Well, Truman, a dog in Newtown, Connecticut, has gone out with his human to match difference to those in the community surrounding Sandy Hook Elementary School.  A Bulldog and Human's Hugs trying to make a difference.  WOW!!!!  What a concept!  4 Paws to you two!!

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