Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Friends

It's been a busy and long week, especially for my human- he's been going nonstop since the week started!! I've gotten to go along on many of his adventures which he loves and so do I.  He loves my companionship and I do his- been a great match since the day he adopted me a few years ago.

I have a several friends to introduce to you today.  I've gotten to meet some new humans this week who help animals in Washington DC.  They work for the Washington Humane Society.

First, this guy is really cool, I met him with the Ambassador Pit Bulls.  Dexter!

Dexter is a spunky 6 month old boy who loves playing with other dogs and snuggling with people. He is very smart, works hard for treats, and is very eager to please. Being a young guy, he has a lot of energy that he releases by zooming around the back yard and wrestling with his foster sister. He would benefit from having a fenced yard or a family that takes regular long walks.

Dexter is probably going to be a big boy so consistent training will be necessary to ensure that he doesn't develop bad habits. Since he is still a mouthy puppy he will do best in a home with older children who can discourage and redirect that behavior.

Dexter adores his people. If you are looking for a companion who wants to be by your side, Dexter is your guy!  For adoption information, contact Ambassador Pit Bulls.

I'd like to introduce you to Gracie May from Operation Paws for Homes.

"Gracie May"
Gracie May is a beautiful 2 ½ -year old black and white spaniel mix who is being fostered in Goldvein,Virginia.

Gracie May loves people and adores children, so she would make the perfect family pet. Gracie May gets along with other dogs, cats, and horses. She loves to cuddle next to you on the couch, and enjoys going for walks or playing in the yard. She is house trained, spayed, and up to date on shots.

Gracie May is the ultimate house dog, and has a gorgeous coat of medium length hair that is easy to manage. You just have to love her front white socks with black spots! Gracie May is waiting for a loving family or person to provide a forever home.

If you would like information on adopting Gracie May, contact Operation Paws for Homes- Adoption Guide.

A special welcome to Washington Humane Society.  We met them this past summer when my human did some photography work for them and another group.

Meet Saundra who is an affectionate, one-year-old female cat that loves people, despite having suffered from a burn injury, where her fur now grows white against her soft gray coat.

Saundra came to Washington Humane Society on March 24, 2012. She has a quirky personality and loves to lick, nuzzle, knead, and answer back when spoken to. She even gets along with dogs!

Saundra is hopeful for a "Forever Home" this holiday season. Will it be yours? You can meet her at the New York Avenue Adoption Center, or call 202-727-5494  or check out  Washington Humane Society- Adoption Information.

Thank you to Ambassador Pit Bulls, Dirty Paws Photography, Operation Paws For Homes, and the Washington Humane Society for supplying information and photographs!

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