Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Gifts Festival - Allen Pearson's Photos

"Wanna Play?"

I can’t host a Christmas Gifts Festival on my blog without including my human’s photography.  Especially since I like it so much and he is so great at it. Is that enough Dad?  Do I get my treat now?  Oops.  Sorry.
"Grape Hyacinth"
My human began photographing nature in 2002.  He began photographing when he was applying to get his Wildlife Garden certified and they required pictures with the documentation.  Loving nature, he loved photographing it.  His philosophy was to photograph the “unique” beauty found in nature.  He spent several years showing his work at art festivals and exhibits.

"Watching the Children Play"
Though he enjoyed photographing nature, he always wanted to photograph dogs.  In August 2010, an opportunity came up for him to photograph for PetConnect Rescue, Potomac, MD, which gave him the chance to try his skills with dogs.   From that point on, he has loved every chance he’s gotten to photograph dogs for rescue organizations.

He photographs for clients who would like photographs of their dogs or cats.  He emphasizes the importance of capturing the dogs or cats fun and unique personality for the client’s enjoyment.  He offers prints, framed prints, canvas wraps, and an assortment of fun products like mugs, mouse pads and the list could go on but I’d run out of room…..

"The Dog's Profile"
 Currently, my human, Allen Pearson, is available to photograph for clients and rescue organizations in the Northern Virginia area.   His website is Allen Pearson's Photos.  Also, we share a few pages at Facebook-AllenPearsonsPhotos and He has his own blog, when he’s not messing with mine, er, uh, about photography and gardening at Lenses in Bloom!.  

(do I get my treat now....??)



Talking-Dogs said...

Lovely post! I was wondering when Noah was gonna profile his papa!

Allen Pearson said...

I was beginning to wonder too!! He's a character- what can I say?!