Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Gifts Festival- DeeJayStar

Miniature Watercolors is a new one on me- of course, if my human hasn't shown it to me, most arts and crafts are new to me and this one is new!! That's been the fun of this "Christmas Gifts Festival", getting to meet new people and seeing new forms of art.

I would for you to meet another human.

I am a human and pet painter, who is always a sucker for a charity but specialize in 5x7" miniature watercolors around the holidays. From your own photo, these are truly personal memorials for a friend no longer with us or a great celebration of a great friend.

Contact me at for more info and pricing estimate. Never charged until the price is set!

"Box Pup"


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Allen Pearson said...

I especially like "Schultz" makes me want to reach out and pet him.