Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Friends

I've invited a buddy of mine and one my human has photographed and enjoyed meeting quite a bit as well as a new cat friend to join me today.

Meet Pacino. An adult American Staffordshire Terrier / Mixed (short coat) with a medium build.

My human met Pacino at a photo shoot in Falls Church and then, again, at an event in Reston.  He was surprised at the sweet loving nature of the dog.  Don't get me wrong, nothing to do with his breed or against him but most dogs don't come running at human, jump up and lick him the face!  Of course, my human was kneeling down to photograph when it happened.  And no!  I was not happy when he came home with a face smelling like another dog- until he told me the story.

He was rescued by Ambassador Pit Bulls in Gainesville, Virginia.  Though he has scares on his face and body, and was left at a shelter in the middle of the night, all of which indicate he's had a rough time, Pacino wants nothing more than to be your constant companion.  

Meet gentle, sweet, loving Pacino. We don't know what happened to him before he was left in a crate at the shelter in the middle of the night, but he has scars on his face and body that say he's had a rough time. Despite that he is an absolutely wonderful dog, calm, attentive, and wanting nothing more than to be your constant companion. 

If you have room for another dog in your heart and home, please consider giving this great boy a forever home. Currently, he's living with a senior female pit bull and a 25lb. corgi (his BFF). Pacino has so much personality and would make a snuggly, hilarious addition to any home.

For adoption information, Ambassador Pit Bulls.

My Cat Lady friend from PetConnect Rescue stopped by this week.  She's such a kind lady... she brought me a cat friend to introduce to you.  And, how cool is this?  My human met this kitty a few weeks ago and photographed this!


Please meet Minnie.  

Minnie is the perfect name for this beauty because she is mini! She is a petite little girl who will always look like a kitten.(oh..... wouldn't it be great to look young forever!)  Minnie's Mom is Siamese and Minnie inherited her sophisticated look, just not her fur color. Minnie has super sleek, shiny fur and a long tail that she elegantly wraps around like a porcelain figurine. 

Minnie is vocal.  When she wants attention, she purrs loudly to let you know her appreciation when you pet her. She gets along with other cats, dogs and kids. 

She prefers her own dish at feeding time and likes to dine alone, but when she isn't eating she will be your constant companion and you will just love having her around! 

Minnie is healthy, spayed and current on her vaccinations. 

If you would like to meet Minnie, please complete the online application and we will contact you,  PetConnect Rescue Online Application.

Thank you to Ambassador Pit Bulls, PetConnect Rescue and Allen Pearson's Photos for supplying information for today's "Friday's Friend."

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