Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday's Friends

My last "Friday's Friends" of the 2012- the time has just flown!  And, I am sure 2013 will do the same.  It's been a great year, I've gotten to meet friends from several groups, PetConnect Rescue, Operation Paws for Homes, Ambassador Pit Bulls, and the  Some friends have gotten adopted, a few are still looking around and waiting, but overall, it's been a good year.

My friend "Miss Lauren" from the Washington Humane Society brought a buddy by to meet me this week!  This guy looks like a lot of fun!!  Meet Westley.......

Need more laughter in your life? Westley has silliness coming out of his ears! Westley, a two-year-old hound and Viszla mix dog, came to the Washington Humane Society (WHS) on Oct. 7, 2012. He loves to let his tongue flop out when he’s enjoying a nice scratch.

Westley is learning new manners every day, but maybe you could help him learn more. Come meet Westley at the New York Avenue Adoption Center,  202-727-5494  or visit Washington Humane Society.

My friend Cat Lady visited me this week with two of her cat friends she would like to find a "Forever Home."  This first cat is quite a pretty girl (remember this has got to be between us- if my buds found out I think a cat is pretty- I'll be barked, howled and ruffed at!) But, then, again- that's ok, some of them are jealous because I can write!

Anyway, Danni is a beautiful blue cream tortoiseshell kitten with an affectionate personality to match! Just look at her playing with the cardboard!! She was found abandoned with her brother (Gio), and were rescued from a local shelter.

Danni is definitely a lap cat, preferring to sit and snuggle with her foster human and watch the other kittens at play. Of course, when the mood strikes her she has a playful side as well, but in general she seems to be a very gentle sweet soul.

Danni’s distinctive markings definitely set her apart, but so does the fact that she’s also polydactyl like the Hemingway cats. Because of her age Danni will need a home where someone is there much of the time, or a playmate to help keep her company (her brother Gio would be an excellent choice).

Danni is healthy, has started her vaccinations and has perfect litter box manners. If you would like to meet Danni, please complete the online application and they will contact you, PetConnect Online Application.

Danni has a brother named Gio.  Gio’s handsome buff coloring and charming personality are a winning combination!

Gio was abandoned with his sister Danni, they were rescued from a local shelter. He is an inquisitive and playful kitten who enjoys chasing his toys and wrestling with the other kittens in his foster home.

An explorer by nature, he is outgoing and loves to greet visitors. Of course, if they offer him a warm lap, he’s happy to settle in for some snuggle time. Because of his age Gio will need a home where someone is there much of the time, or a playmate to help keep him company (his sister Danni would be an excellent choice). He is healthy, has started his vaccinations and always uses his litter box. If you would like to meet Gio, please complete the online application and we will contact you, PetConnect Online Application.

I caught up with my buddy Mike who introduced me to Tahoe.

Tahoe, is a 1 yr old, 70 lb Lab mix, who was rescued from a rural high-kill shelter. He is a gentle boy and a true outdoors man! Tahoe loves to run, and chasing a ball is his favorite pastime.

He gets along great with other dogs, and after a good game of chase, Tahoe likes to cool off in his own private kiddie pool. Given his size, Tahoe would do best with an active family with older children and/or a good-sized fenced yard.

Tahoe is housebroken, microchipped, up-to-date on vaccinations and responds well to basic commands. If you would like to know more about Tahoe, please complete an online application and then email Mike.

And my friend Marie from Operation Paws for Homes introduced me to two brothers, Beo and Wit, two 11 week old Terrier/Shepherd mixes!
"Beo and Wit"
These two guys came up from Greenwood, South Carolina very cautious and scared, they spent their first 24 hours in foster care huddled together and hiding in their crate.

In a matter of days, though, they blossomed into fun loving joyous puppies, and now they are a laugh a minute. Wit, with the two brown eyes, is the feistier of the two -- but also the bigger baby when he's ready to cuddle! Beo, with the different colored eyes, is more independent, but also a little more laid back than his brother (although their personalities are still changing every day!) These two boys are ready to find their forever homes.

 They enjoy the company of other dogs, do well in a crate during the day, and are picking up on housetraining. They're being fostered in Winchester, VA!

If you are interested in seeing these two guys, please visit, Operation Paws For Homes- Adoption.

Thank you to Washington Humane Society, PetConnect Rescue, and Operation Paws For Homes for this week's "Friday's Friends."

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