Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Gifts Festival - Conclusion

I am truly amazed by the wonderful artists and crafters who paid me a visit during my first annual Christmas Gifts Festival.  A big loud, “RUFF”, of thanks to you for participating!!

I enjoyed meeting people from all over the country and sneaking my Dad’s credit card to buy a few things.  But, don’t tell because it’s a secret for Christmas.  
If you missed our celebration, the Christmas Gifts Festival was created so people who had friends or family members who are dog or cat lovers had a resource to do some Christmas shopping.

If you’d like another look, do some more shopping or just missed the posts, here’s a quick reference:

Nov. 17: Sue Kottwitz, from "For The Love of Dog."

Nov. 20:  Cori Solomon, from "Cori's Pawtraits."

Nov. 23:  JM, from "Drawing Mom."

Nov. 26:  Tracey Ahrens, from “Tracey Ahrens” Tracey Ahrens

Dec. 3: Audra Jones, from "AJ Studios."

Dec. 5: Kim J. Gifford, from "Pugs and Pics."

Dec. 8, my human, er, Allen Pearson, from "Allen Pearson's Photos."

Dec. 10, DeeJayStar, from "Miniature Watercolors."

Dec. 12, Ana Grob, from "Ana's World of Nature."

Thanks again to everyone for visiting and sharing about your artwork and talents.  I am planning another celebration in May, first for my human’s 50th birthday, but don’t tell him as it’s a surprise, (if you have any ideas bark them my way at  my emailand somewhere along the way I plan to have a Mother’s Day Festival too.   

Merry Christmas 
and Happy New Year
from the crew at 
"From The Dog's Paw"
Noah, Pawthor
Dad, Pawditor and Photographer
Mom, Business Operations


Talking-Dogs said...

Nice round up of a really fun festival! Merry Christmas to you, too!

Allen Pearson said...

Yes it was!! Thank you!!