Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday's Friends

Here it is the Friday before Christmas- I am so excited- Santa Claus will be here in 3 days -I just gotta remember not to chase him off and wake all the neighbors getting them upset- I learned my lesson and am now anxiously awaiting for my presents!

There are many dogs and cats who don't have a "Forever Home" or Family to enjoy Christmas with or any other days for that matter.  So, I went to visit my human friends to bring attention to a few friends who are interested in meeting you.  Please keep in mind though, adopting is to be a permanent solution for you and the animal- not a Christmas gift that ends up being returned.

I have friends from Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue, PetConnect Rescue and the Washington Humane Society to introduce to you this week!

From Ambassador Pit Bulls, I would like for you to meet "Daisy."

Are you looking for a "go-getter", happy go lucky kind of gal? Daisy would be the perfect dog for you! She is outgoing, people centered, willing to work, and very playful! She showed no sensitivities to the body handling test, has no food or toy aggression (she stopped eating immediately and dropped her toy upon request). Her tail is constantly wagging, and she exhibits a nice level of play.

Also, Daisy takes treats very gently. She's intelligent, and already knows sit, down, shake, and is house and crate trained! Currently, Daisy is being fostered with two other dogs, a pit bull and a toy poodle, and she does well with both. Making new friends is one of her favorite things to do, and she is more than happy to say "hi" and play with any dog that comes her way!

Daisy sounds like a fun dog to have around, if you'd like more information on her, please visit, Ambassador Pit Bulls.

Making my way over to visit Cat Lady (Merry Christmas Cat Lady!!), PetConnect Rescue, I have learned she has two cats "Tasha and Tori" who are sisters and are looking for a "Forever Home."  Though they are listed separately, they'd be ideal for someone looking for two cats.  
Meet Tasha, a fluffy, medium haired kitten born in early May and rescued from a local shelter. 

Tasha, Tori (her sister and featured below or next!), and another kitten were found in a box on the side of the road. Sweet playful Tasha may seem shy at first, but loves being petted once she is comfortable. Tasha loves to play with toys, especially chasing a ball around. She is on schedule for her vaccines and has no trouble using the litter box. Tasha lives with other kittens and cats. If you would like to meet Tasha, please complete the online application and we will contact you PetConnect Online Application.


Pretty Tori (these are Cat Lady's words guys! And she would know!!) was found with her sister, Tasha, and another kitten on the side of the road in a box.

Tori is a playful girl who enjoys being petted and cuddled almost as much as she loves to wrestle with her sister. Tori also loves to curl up for a nap with her buddies Tonka and Tucker. She is up-to-date with her vaccines and always uses the litter box. If you would like to meet Tori, please complete the online application and we will contact you. PetConnect Online Application.

I visited the Washington Humane Society again this week where I met Figaro!  Somehow, I think I am supposed to break out into a song or howl... Figaro! Figaro!! (like by Mozart?) oopss back to the topic.

It's impossible not to catch the holiday spirit around Figaro. At one year old, Figaro is a male pit bull terrier type dog who loves everyone he meets. 

Figaro came to WHS from a home on the 4700 block of Alabama Avenue, SE on Oct. 26, 2012, because his owner could no longer afford to take care of him. 

Figaro is a huge fan of treats, so he’s easy to train. He’s just a bouncy, happy dude who wants be part of your active family. Figaro loves to go on long walks and brisk runs, so he could be your new jogging pal. Will you give him a home for the holidays? Come meet Figaro at the Georgia Avenue Adoption Center, 202-723-5730 .


Thank you to the
Ambassador Pit Bulls, 
Dirty Paws Photography, 
PetConnect Rescue 
and the Washington Humane Society for submitting information to "Friday's Friends".

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