Tuesday, December 25, 2012

You Better Watch Out!!!

‘Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house, not much is stirring not even a mouse.  The Pastor and Music Minister have prepared.  They have Scriptures and songs arranged to celebrate the Birth of Christ.  The soloists prepare and the orchestra tunes, beautifully coming together as quietly as the night’s moon. The evening draws quiet as the sun goes down- it’s an eerie quiet as no one is rushing here and there to get where they need to go.

My humans have gone to Christmas Eve service to celebrate the Birth of Christ.  They will sing the songs the Music Minister selects as he leads them to rejoice and praise, the Birth of God’s Son, JESUS.  The Pastor will speak, I hear he’s great- seems to know what God wants him to say each day-but tonight is special.  The world will grow quieter…. the Christians will gather to sing and celebrate.  The Pastor brings his message to a close as thoughts are drawn near with the lighting of candles, and turning off the lights.  The congregation leaves with celebration and warmth in their hearts as they remembered the True Reason for this Season.

My humans come home and get me, Dad is all smiles – he loves a good Christmas Eve service. We head out for a ride through the neighborhood to enjoy the Christmas decorations.  We see Christmas trees, all kinds of colored lights, snowmen, Nativity’s, Santa Claus and many other decorations my humans tell.  We always stop and look- at the “Live Nativity” with care. A light snow begins to fall as the shining moon is covered by the clouds of winter.  We rejoice as we are reminded once again of Christ’s Birth-the beauty of the joy brings a simplicity to the night.  We head home to bed, so we can celebrate Christmas tomorrow.   

The dogs in the neighborhood are quiet and settled, as the calm of this special night draws near to them too.  Each one checks their property as they prepare for a cold winter’s nap.    Their humans bring them in,  and they head off to bed- as I am heading to do.

Then, the quiet of the night is broken, as the dogs begin to bark and howl.  No full moon, no reason for the sounds, until I hear it.  Up on the rooftop, it made such a noise, I barked and howled and rose to see what was the matter.   To my surprise, eight tiny reindeer pulling a sleigh, a man dressed in a red suit with white hair and beard had landed on the roof of the house.  I bark again, and howl too, as loud as I can.  My humans do not wake- I check their pulse- they are alive but stay asleep.  I rush downstairs to head out the door and stop this man before he robs us.  Barking as I go, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. As I run down the hall, a glow from the family room stops me!

I turn the corner and look, it’s jolly, old Saint Nick.  He putting presents by the Christmas tree with care- he smiles at the package with the name Noah- I didn’t know he knew I was here.  I hush and settle as the quiet of the night begins to fill the brightly lit room.  He disappears into the light- I rush outside to see the sight, he takes off with care, 8 tiny reindeer.  They zoom off through the night, to visit another house- I hear a dog bark and howl- Old Saint Nick is visiting again.

In the morning, I find, my humans have no idea the adventures or excitement of the night.  My human gets a strange look on his face, as he reaches under the Christmas tree for a neatly wrapped present, in red and green.  “I didn’t put this here, did you dear?” No, my mom says, I sure didn’t. 

The bow with a label on the present says, “Merry Christmas Noah!  Thanks for the great job you do with your humans!  Love, Santa!”  My humans look with curiosity.  I smile and think, “Thanks Santa!! Merry Christmas to you too.”

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