Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Gifts Festival- "Pugs and Pics

"Don't Be Shy"
"Child of God"
This Christmas Gifts Festival has been fun- I've met several different artists over these past few weeks- I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have and can find your human a great gift or if you are a human, you can find something for the dog or cat lover in your life.

Allow me to introduce to you, Kim J. Gifford. She is a writer, photographer, artist and pug lover specializing in digital photo collages. Most of her collages feature dogs and particularly pugs. She creates the collages in Adobe Photoshop using “recycled images” that maybe weren’t picture-perfect as standalone shots, but work together to create a new vision of the inner world of animals and children.

Kim creates digital sketches on an I-pad using a program called brushes and produce a line of pug greeting cards. The cards are blank inside with a short saying about the photo on the back. The collages are sold matted in a clear plastic sleeve. The greeting cards come with an envelope also in a clear plastic sleeve.

For size and pricing information, you can visit my web site at or contact me via my facebook page at

"Gone to the Dogs"
"Reflective Stroll"


Anna Grob author-illustrator said...

I love the post pugs and pics, especially the pug being shy. So adorable.

Allen Pearson said...

Interesting work isn't it? I love the Don't Be Shy too!