Saturday, December 29, 2012

Help the Animals with Tax Deductible Giving

Here it is..... end of another year.  Just celebrated my 4th Christmas with my humans and we'll celebrate New Years in a few days.  Been a great 4 years- never thought I would end up so happy- since I was in a high kill shelter before being rescued........

Do you love animals? Have a passion for dogs or cats? But, maybe you can’t have one right now, for whatever reason? Well, there are a few things you can do to possibly satisfy that want for a pet.

Or, maybe you are looking for a place to donate some extra cash you have on hand and want to make a difference in an organization?!

First you can donate financially to an animal rescue, like PetConnect Rescue! When you donate money or items to PetConnect Rescue, you are supporting an
all-volunteer organization which works to rescue animals and give them a second chance. Every donation helps, even small amounts, to defray expenses related to food, veterinarian bills while the animal waits for its “Forever Home.” Or, maybe you have some toys, blankets, sheets or pillows, those are useful items too. They have a list on their website of material needs too.  

Several years ago, people gave. They gave money, needed items and time to bring me and a few other dogs to Northern Virginia in hopes of finding “Forever Homes.” This help, in the many forms, brought my human and I together. We’ve been best buds for 3 years now and counting. The help these people gave affected me and the lives of two humans, my Mom and Dad who care for me.
Huge gifts are great but so are small ones, any amount will help. And, you know, PetConnect Rescue is a 501(c)3, monetary donations are tax deductible! If you have more funds you would like to disperse before year's end, please consider PetConnect Rescue. 

And, if you are not able to donate financially or any items for the animals care, you can always volunteer at your local rescue or shelter. Volunteers are needed to walk the dogs, care for the cats, feed the animals and general care.

Here is a link to donate to PetConnect Rescue now, PetConnect Rescue.  Gifts need to be postmarked by Dec. 31, 2012.  Or, donated online by that date!!

Happy New Year and THANK YOU for your support- you never know what dog or cat and human your donation will touch!!!!